A Professional Approach to Energy Procurement

Our approach to helping you manage your energy commodity purchases is systematic and professional.

· First, we’ll take the time to understand your current energy purchasing strategy, what risks you’re facing, and where you might be overpaying. We’ll also take the time to learn how energy expenditures fit into your overall financial profile, so that we can design the right purchasing strategy.

· Next, we’ll develop an energy management strategy that identifies opportunities for managing risks and reducing costs, while also matching your purchasing patterns to your financial profile and overall budgets.

· Then, we’ll execute the energy management strategy by:

· Gathering your data and arranging it in the format energy suppliers need to develop good proposals.

· Transmitting proposal requests to suppliers and following up with their pricing desks.

· Reviewing supplier offers through a rigorous analysis that reviews the suppliers’ pricing features and terms and conditions, so that we can make an accurate comparison of pricing and terms, and understand all of the risks.

· We’ll help ensure a smooth implementation process by facilitating communications between you and the suppliers.

As experienced energy professionals, we’ll always take a rigorous, process oriented approach to managing your energy commodity supply. This means consistent results that meet your expectations in all areas.